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Neil Young Has A Posse


Neil Young is releasing an interesting new project/album.  On June 5th he will release “Americana” with Crazy Horse.  Its a collection or folk and early rock tunes that is supposed to represent the American experience.

Along with the album he has commissioned Shepard Fairey (Andre the Giant Has a Posse, Obama “Change” poster, Exit Through the Gift shop) to create an art work for each song.

Along with the album and artwork, Neil Young has made a short film with found footage,  music from the album and a few silent scenes (image above).  The video also features Fairey and his artwork.

At first impression the music sounds like classic Neil Young + Crazy Horse but I love the concept of reworked Americana.  It’s also cool to have a Canadian write a love letter to his adoptive country (like U2’s “Rattle and Hum”)


Click here to watch the film

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