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What are these lists?

These are lists of movements and references that are significant in popular culture.

The lists are not favorites, best of all time, or top 100 lists. Each list contains a few songs/films/books that best represent a particular movement in popular culture. You might think a particular movement should include a different song, and we might agree but it may not be as culturally relevant or it is redundant in style to work that is already on the list.

Who decides the lists?

I come up with the lists by myself with some research as well as input from trusted friends. On lists where I am less familiar with the genre I will invite guest writers to collaborate. Some of the lists have been adjusted by me after reading input and suggestions from readers on the discussion pages.

How should I use this site?

Every week we will publish one or two lists in each section (music, movies, etc.) you can either check in once in a while, subscribe to the RSS feed or just follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter and you will see when we update.  Hopefully these lists will introduce you to music you may be unfamiliar with or remind you of good music that you haven’t listened to in a while.  As I mention in the about, I started these lists as music to introduce to my children, you can do that too.  My plan is not to be prescriptive and force my children to listen to this music as homework but instead add the music to their ipods, maybe point out one or two songs that I really love and if they show interest, point them in the direction of further exploration in that type of music.

There is a lot of music here, where should I start?

No one is an expert on all music, the object here isn’t to master everything, but just start filling in gaps of key movements.  Choose any list and listen to the music by yourself, add it to your ipod, listen to it in your car.

There is something on your list I don’t agree with or you have forgotten something I think should be on the list, what should I do?

Let us know your opinion on the discussion section of each list.  Hopefully the discussions become as valuable as the list itself.  These lists aren’t science, they aren’t definitive.  If nothing else, these lists are a starting point for everyone to think and discuss how to think and talk about popular culture.  If you think “Talk Dirty To Me” is the more relevant Poison song, make your case and I might even agree with you.

Can I add my own list in the comments?


How can I contact you?

contact me through facebook, twitter: @thepopcore or email.