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Franz Ferdinand released a video today for Bullet, one of the better songs off the latest album. FF have always drawn heavily from the style and look of early British invasion bands. No different here but with the addition of sometimes distracting camera tricks.

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Lana Del Rey put out her second teaser for Tropico (see first one here)

Rather than just praying to John Wayne, Elvis, Marlyn Monroe and Jesus have all joined to perform for the wide eyed Adam and Eve.

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Solange Knowles (Jay-z’s sister-in-law) continues to evangelize indie R&B with the releaes of “Saint Heron” a collection her talented friends who are still not quite as famous as the people they help produce music for. The album is interesting and Solange finishes it up with her own song Cash In a catchy, slow building song that shows off her voice and soul. Cash In is this week’s song of the week.

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Fantastic new short film by Wes Anderson, staring an Anderson regular Jason Schwartzman who serendipitously crashes his “old timey” race car in his Italian ancestral village.

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The comparison’s to Lorde will be inevitable (young, girl, singer/songwriter, from the Oceania area) but to me this fantastic song sounds like the Breeders wrote a song with Lou Reed.

Lyrically mature

Just then a song comes on: “you can’t always get what you want” –
the rolling stones, oh woe is we, the irony!
The stones became the moss and once all inhibitions lost,
the hipsters made a mission to the farm.

and full of youthful energy, History Eraser is this weeks “Song of the Week”.

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Lana Del Rey released a teaser video today for her soon to be released. short film/music video “Tropico”. As usual Rey draws from mid 20th century icons and re-appropriates them in a subtle but powerful way.

Dear John Wayne, forgive us of our sins:

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The upcoming Coen Brothers film Inside Llewyn Davisis still a month away from being released in theatres, but you can listen to the soundtrack on NPR today. Like Oh Brother Where Art Thou, the soundtrack was produced by T-Bone Burnett and capture the time period and geography of the film (NYC in the early 60’s) without just being a collection of Bob Dylan and Joan Baez songs.

The album features the voices of the film’s stars Oscar Issac, Kerry Mulligan and Justin Timberlake as well as the ubiquitous Marcus Mumford (of Mumford and Sons)

I’m looking forward to the film but even if it turns out to be one of the Coen’s lesser films, the soundtrack is worth checking out.

Watch the trailer for the film:

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Here is my 2013 Halloween playlist, what did I miss?



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Like almost everyone I was sad to hear Lou Reed past away last night.  More influential than the mere popularity of his songs, like only a handful of others Lou Reed changed the trajectory of all popular music that followed him.  Rather than post a list of my favorite music of his, here is his review of Kanye West’s album he wrote a few months ago.  The review really capture’s Reed’s passion and unique perception of art and culture.

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Coming out of So California’s Punk/Surf culture, Audacity has released their sophomore album this past week.  Super catchy hooks, paired with incessant rhythms along with that Dick Dale sounding jangle, makes this entire album sound very authentic.  “Hole in the Sky” is my favorite song on the album and this weeks song of the week.


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